St. Mary's Towers M.S.C. Cemetery, Douglas Park, NSW

1: Cornelius Bijman  2: John Savage
1: George Cusack
Memorial Cross and Plaque to Those lost in WWII
Memorial Tongan Fale 1: Mr. Leonard Marriot  2: Mr. Frederick Grundmann 1: Fr. Cornelius Bijman msc  2: Fr. John Savage msc 1: Mr. William Clarke 2: Mrs. Shirley Clarke Memorial Rose Garden Statue: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart: "Remember us O Virgin Mother of God whilst You stand in the Sight of the Lord." Memorial Cross: Sacred to the Memory of the deceased Brethren, Relatives and Benefactors of the Society MSC - Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on them. Statue: St. Joseph: "Blessed St. Joseph, secure for us ever lasting happiness in heaven." Statue: Angel: "Blessed are the Dead, who die in the Lord." Statue: Sacred Heart: "I am the Resurrection and the Life." Statue: Angel: "It is a Holy and Wholesome thought to pray for the Dead." Memorial Cross: "Far be it from me to glory, save in the Cross of Our Lord  Jesus Christ." Memorial Plaque: click to view Consecration Stone: click to see photo 1: Br. George Cusack msc  2:  unused 1: Fr. David Smith msc  2: Fr. Dallas Cox msc 1: Fr. Raphael Chow Chung Ning 1: Br. John Kaiser msc  2: Br. Joseph Daheim msc 1: Br. Gordon Morgan msc  2: Br. Robert Lysaught msc 1: Fr. Francis Flynn  msc 2: unused 1: Br. Francis Ryan  msc 2: Br. James Scully msc 1: Br. Joseph Gautier msc  2: Br. David Fitzgerald msc 1: Br. Stanislaus Van Horenbeck msc  2: Br. Marcel Friche msc 1: Br. Alan Floyd msc 2: Fr. Allan Corry msc 1: Br. Simon Wagemans msc 2: Br.  Lambert Fehrmann msc 1: Fr. Michael Puls msc  2: Fr. Percival Church msc 1: Br. Ronald Moore msc  2: Br. Terence Barry msc 1: Br. Bernhard Epping msc  2: Br. John Collins msc 1: Br. Cornelius Wijnands msc  2: Br. Rudolph Fiecken msc Fr. Raymond Murray msc Br. Augustine (Gus) Buckley msc Fr. Joseph Brady msc Fr. Robert Rippin msc Br. John (Mark) Quinlan msc Fr. John King msc Fr. Anthony Prentice msc Fr. Gerald Kelly msc Br. John (Finbar) O'Sullivan msc Fr. John McCowage msc Fr. Mervyn (Vyn) Bailey msc

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